Trading Network

What is Online Trading Network TradeON.NET?

TradeON is a web based software platform, implementing innovative approach to business - customer (B2C) and business - business (B2B) relations optimization. The main goal is building an online network of customers and business users, integrated in different software products, business systems and applications.

To be part of the network, you will have to create a profile.

TradeON for Customers


With this profile you can shop in all stores, part of the trading network.

You can use your profile to make requests about products and services to business users. You will even be able to book different services.

All of your orders, bookings, vouchers, requests and messages from and to merchants are stored in your profile and are accessible 24/7 even from a mobile device.

TradeON for Business


With a business profile you can shop in every retail or business store of other business users. You can also make requests about products, orders or services.

All of your sales, orders, purchases, issued and received trade documents, requests and messages are stored in your profile and are accessible 24/7 even from a mobile device.

Also with this profile you can manage all of your internet stores and used applications, implementing the TradeON trading network.

Applications implementing TradeON are all connected and can exchange trading information. This way the trade process management is highly optimized.

Several good examples of real world benefits:

  • If you have an online shop and use a store management software, you can sync the products and quantities of both applications. This way product availabilities in your online store will always be in sync with what you currently have in your warehouse.
  • You own an online shop and use POS and a warehouse management software (all implementing TradeON). In case of online product order or POS sale directly, the product quantity is instantly updated in your warehouse management software.
  • If you place an online order to another vendor, and you have sync-ed the ordered products with products in your store management software, their quantities will be updated right after you receive the order.
  • If you have an online store and are using an invoicing software, you can automatically issue an invoice for every order. Of course these invoices will be stored with your other issued documents.

TradeON Applications

Take a look at trading network applications in development.


online shop

Cloudashop is an online shop service. In just a few minutes you can have your new professional online store set up and ready for your products.


online orders terminal

This service allows business users to present online orders terminal to their business partners. The terminal allows products and quantities synchronization with your warehouse management software.


web catalog

Internet based web catalog builder. Create your online catalog in just a few minutes. Every visitor can make requests about your products and services.


warehouse management software

Web based software for warehouse products and quantities management. No installation is required. The product is available from everywhere, anytime and even from a mobile device.


invoicing software

Web based service for invoice issuing, printing, sending and storing. Product does not require setup and is accessible from everywhere, anytime, even from a mobile device.


POS software

New generation of POS software, suitable for small to medium vendors. The product has a wide variety of integrated payment processors, allowing your customers to pay easy for your products and services.

6 000+

registered customers


registered business users


online stores


Direct TradeON registrations are not available at the moment. You can create your profile in some of the online stores or applications, implementing TradeON.

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